I’m Here.

Tracy / January 9, 2020

It’s been so long.

Some days, I think I will stop keeping this little space on the web. Others, I feel as if I have words spilling out- things that are happening, or I want to share.

I shared with my children this morning how odd it is to see the calendar saying we are now 9 days into this new year.

So far, it has been a glorious start. Aside from just a few days, the weather has been amazing- sunshine, a cool breeze, and cooler nights, all mixed with breath-taking sunsets.

I know one day, I will look back at the pages on this site and smile at the photos from the past years (I already do at some, others make me sad), and spend time wondering where my absence from writing had carried me off. I’m sure those experiences and memories tend to fade over time, though in the moment, they are enough to keep me from finding time to type a blog post, of any sort.

With all that said, I do hope to begin to post again more regularly.

Love to you all,

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