Making Memories- Letters to Children

Tracy / September 28, 2010

For some time, I’ve been writing letters to my children.

These aren’t really on anything specific, just random thoughts, memories, things I want to share with each child.

They each have baby books and I journal a lot- but these are more casual, I guess. Almost a conversation that I’m having with them at some future date.

At the moment, I’m writing on loose-leaf paper and storing them in a binder.

I’m looking for ideas here, my creative friends.

How can I preserve these properly?

I would like for them to look nice and stand the test of time.

This sounds like such a big project. In reality, it really doesn’t take but five minutes to write a letter. I’ve found I can squeeze in time while dinner is cooking, or while I’m waiting on a phone call.

It just doesn’t take that long….

Please leave a comment and share your ideas!

2 thoughts on “Making Memories- Letters to Children

  1. You could use sheet protectors for the letters. Each sheet protector will hold two letters.They are inexpensive and will fit your loose leaf binder. I use a binder and sheet protectors to store my 8 X 10 photos.

  2. My first thought was the sheet protectors also. Maybe scan them and create a file for each child as a backup.

    It is not exactly the same, but I have emails and IMs with/from my mom that I cherish so much, especially now. So, I think this is a wonderful idea and your children will appreciate it so much.

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