Tobias at 5 Months

Toby is 5 months
Tracy / October 8, 2016

Yep. It always goes by so fast. Toby is already 5 months old.

Toby is 5 months!
These months with a little baby are so different than they were when I was a younger mama. In those days, it seemed endless…lots of sleepless nights. Diapers, diapers and more diapers.

Now the days go by so fast. They seem to grow overnight. (He looked like just yesterday!)

I’m thankful for ALL of my blessings. I hope they read my journal here one day, and know how incredibly blessed I AM for being their mom.

So, here is “Toobie”. (That’s how it sounds when Owen calls his name. Owen tells me nearly every single day that “Toobie” is his friend. :D)

These days, Toby is sleeping through most nights. (I enjoy every single moment of my snuggle time with him when he’s not…)

He is teething. Oh, how this poor little one is teething. He chews on everything. His clothes stay soaked. His gums are so, so swollen.

He is SO close to sitting on his own. He will stay propped for several minutes and even balance for a little bit before he topples over.

He is on a pretty good schedule each day. Most of that time is in someone’s arms- I have several children who ask for “their” time with him, if we are off schedule for some reason. He is a cherished little one.

This world around me seems so dark sometimes. I look at him, and at my other children and I wonder what on earth could possess someone to hurt one of these sweet babies. So many throw away the lives they have been given. I’m so thankful for each one in my home. We would not be the same if we were missing even one.

Tonight, I will hold my baby once again and thank the Lord above for another precious day. I will speak blessings over him and tell him all the things I expect and hope of him.

*I love you, Toby*

They aren’t perfect, but what sweet days I’m living. <3

Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months
Toby at 5 months

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