Couponing Again

Tracy / February 19, 2014

It has been A LONG TIME since I’ve done any serious couponing for my home.

I knew I had reached a new low when I had to actually pay for toothpaste.

There was just no time to continue last year. I was very thankful for the stockpile we had of personal supplies. It lasted for months and months, but now it’s gone.

I started back about three weeks ago.

This last week, I had one of the best CVS trips I’ve ever had! After coupons and ECB’s, I paid $34 for all of this:

If you buy diapers, you know just the three bags of diapers and a bag of pull-ups would have normally cost more.

We were tickled!

We’ve managed a few really good deals on shampoo and a couple of other items. (I think ALL detergent was one a few weeks back.) The stockpile is growing again!

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