Book Review: God Bless Our Fall

Tracy / September 12, 2015

Do you have plans for fall?

Each year, I have HUGE plans for fall. They don’t always work out, but if I have some kind of plan, it does seem that we get more done.

Fall makes me want to bake yummy things, find fall activities to do with my children, and sit back to experience a beautiful new season, (my favorite season of the year!).

Fall has arrived in our home state. The weather is turning cooler. The leaves now cover my back porch. We’ve been raking and adding mulch to the garden beds to cover them for winter.

So far, we have decorated the house and are super-busy preparing for our annual fall fellowship.

This very morning, Jessica is simmering apple cider on the stove.

In the summer, I participated in a blogger program that made each week memorable by creating intentional projects to be completed each week.

This fall, I’m more on my own. I have found several bucket lists (I really liked this one!), to help with ideas and planning. (We don’t celebrate Halloween, so I’ll be changing this just a bit to better fit my family and the things we would like to try to finish this fall.)

I’m praying that the Lord would bless me with some good ideas to make this fall extra-special for my family.

This month, (and with great timing!), I have had the opportunity to review a charming book called God Bless Our Fall. It was a perfect book to review considering all the fall planning that is happening around our home!

Details of this book include:

  • Foil embellishment on the front of the book
  • Rounded-edge board book
  • 20 pages long
  • Designed for ages 0-4 years
  • Written by Hannah C. Hull, Illustrated by Steve Whitlow

I adore that Tommy Nelson books are family-focused. This one is page-after-page of animal parents and their interaction with their children as they experience many different, wonderful parts of the fall season.

I love that the illustrations in God Bless Our Fall are soft and full of the warm colors of the fall season. It is a beautiful book.

The theme through the pages remains reminding children who made fall and giving thanks to God for the beauty He has created. It’s a lesson I want my children to take with them as we experience fall in our own home.

The pages are full of the sights and sounds of fall and have given me some ideas for things I would like to share with my own children!

So what are your plans? How do you organize your plans so time doesn’t pass by without you finishing your planned projects.

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