Jon’s Special Package

Tracy / February 6, 2015

The mail is an exciting time of day for our family.

We love our mail lady.  It’s always nice to visit with her and the children like to take turns running out to see what exciting piece has arrived for the day (the small things in life thrill the kiddos!).

We are normally out as she runs but for some reason, last week we didn’t make it out until dark.  It had just been one of those days.

Jessica was the lucky girl that day.  She ran in to tell me the mailbox was glowing green.  When she opened it, there was a little bottle inside addressed to Jonathan. Inside were all sorts of little goodies (including a green glowing light!) for him, from a family that holds a special place in our hearts.

Jon is a very blessed little boy. He had folks showering him with gifts and with their love.

Thank you, sweet friends, for thinking of him last week.  He has not had the easiest time adjusting to this hurt arm. You sure brought a big smile to his face!

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