Feeling Weary

Tracy / February 8, 2014

Yep. Everyone is still sick here.

Well, almost everyone.

Joshua and Jacob seem to have made a full recovery and they are fine…back to their normal activities of life.

The rest of us are coughing and feeling pretty horrible. It started with some of the littles a few weeks ago. Paul ended up sick (and still had to work!), then I got sick (I’m still feeling terrible). Now the bigger girls and Matthew are all three sick. The worst is that it’s also beginning to rotate through some of my littles AGAIN.

I’m glad today will be a milder winter day for us. I keep thinking if the sun will just shine down for a while, I can sit everyone outside in the sun for a while. That always seems to help.

For now, I’m just tired. Coughing this much when you are due in less than nine weeks does NOT feel so great.

I’ve not seen my grandmother in more than a month. I miss her. At a time of the year, when each calendar day seems to remind me of something that was happening at this time last year, I want so much to spend some time with her.

Paul travels quite a bit. The littles have taken turns being up at night- just crying. They have felt so bad. Of course, the children who have recovered are up bright and early ready to start their day. There is no resting when there are sick little ones in a home.

I had the thought that we have now been sick for a solid month. That is 1/12 of this year! I look around and see all that needs to be done. Though we have continued to work, I’m aware there is still so much work and not much time. I’m frustrated.

So, this is my request. Please be praying for our recovery. We NEED to be well at this point.

I am watching everyone and in an effort to not infect everyone else we know with this bug, we may cancel this month’s fellowship meeting. I thought I would make that call in the morning when I see how folks are waking for the day.

Thank you for the prayer!!

With love,


1 thought on “Feeling Weary

  1. It IS so miserable, I’m so sorry. I don’t know if it will help, but it’s worth a shot – put everyone’s pillow in the dryer on the VERY hottest setting for at least 30 minutes. Every day until they’re better if you can. Get everyone new toothbrushes. We had very good results from homeopathic meds by Hylands and Similason. Even Brandon liked them better than DayQuil.
    I’m so sorry 🙁

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