the good and the bad

Tracy / September 4, 2013

Are there really any bad things when you know God controls it all?

Well, as it would happen, Darby started feeling terrible yesterday.  Before the end of the evening she was terribly sick to her tummy and is still running a slight temperature.

Tonight, Darby is eating an apple telling me over and over, “I threwed up”.  Meredith, is not so vocal.  I have this little feeling she is harboring those nasty germs.  I fear we are on the verge of a “Lamdemic” as one of my dear friends once said.

I am grateful for the Lord’s leading.  I wanted so much to go and visit with my grandmother earlier this week.  I had a basket packed and was ready to go.  I decided at the last minute to stay home instead (Paul had only been home for a day after an extended business trip).  I’m GRATEFUL I didn’t go.  It would have been terrible to share these germs with her.

I have missed seeing her for the last few days.  Oh well, I’ll wait on the Lord’s timing in this area.  He knows my heart and He knows what’s best.

We’ll be staying home from church and any other public place  until I know the air is clear.

Please keep our family in your prayers.

*As I was typing the above post, little Jon came to tell me he’s feeling pretty poor.  They are dropping like flies, folks.

Emma is in a panic. She keeps telling me, “I’m not feeling really well.”

She does *not* do sick. She keeps telling me she just can’t get sick. She says, “that would be the most terrible, horrible thing ever”. (Trust me, it would be for all of us.)

Timothy, (realizing Jon and Meredith are now sick), comes and tells me he’s really hoping not to catch this one. He states,” I’m taking all the precautions. I’m washing my hands, I’M CHANGING WITH EVERY SHOWER.”

I can’t decide if I want to approach this subject right now with him.

9 thoughts on “the good and the bad

  1. Oh Tracy! I sure home you don’t have a Lamdemic! You have much sympathy from us. Will pray for quick healing and it not to go through everyone! BTW- your new blog looks lovely. I enjoy keeping up with your family through it. Love and blessings…

  2. Oh Emma, Emma…I am more sure every day that she and Schyler were cut from the same cloth. I can hear her cute little voice all frazzled!
    I am so sorry about the Lamdemic, though. It is so hard.

    1. 😛
      She hasn’t gotten sick yet, btw. At the mere mention of someone new not feeling well she is CONVINCED she is next and it all starts over again. She is so funny. I’m wondering if she will always be this way….

  3. Oh no!! I will pray for you all! That is not fun… And being pregnant to boot. The throw up and nausea would be too much. LOL. Hmmm. Maybe we should stay in this weekend ourselves…..;-)

    1. I think we will be sitting out tomorrow. I think I’ve got another kiddo coming down with this illness. We will miss seeing all of you. Thank you for the prayer!

  4. Oh, dear, I was just going to ask, with this being Saturday night, how everyone was doing. Bless all your hearts! Will be praying the bugs all leave quickly – and without going through the whole bunch.

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