January Goals

Tracy / January 6, 2014

I have typically planned my year out by now.

After last year, and realizing that sometimes the Lord just has other plans for our lives, I decided it would be better to plan things a month at a time this year.

These are my goals for January:

  • Finish bedroom downstairs, new hall and resource closet
  • Organize back half of basement
  • Clean out and start kitchen closet (upstairs)
  • Finish baby blankets and burp cloths for baby
  • Try out new recipes- (freezer to crockpot recipes -the last batch we tried were horrible!)
  • Add quotes to blog
  • Add personal goals to blog for January
  • Post “before and afters” for the front of our house and Courtney’s bathroom
  • Winterize chickens
  • Design spring garden
  • Purchase and plan Joshua’s birthday
  • Purchase and plan Timothy’s birthday
  • Purchase Christmas for Jackson, Owen, our nephews, and Paul’s brother
  • Plan Jacob’s 2014 reading list
  • Plan Jessica’s 2014 reading list
  • Start Christmas gifts for church families
  • Make plans for Easter dinner
  • Plan celebration for the anniversary of when Paul and I started dating (26 years ago!!)
  • Create Paul’s Valentine gift
  • Plan celebration for our wedding anniversary
  • Make plans for Paul’s birthday

I’m sure there will be a few additions- but this will keep me busy for some time!

Do you make plans for your year??  For your month?

I’ll check back in with progress in the coming weeks….

With love,

4 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. I have been waiting patiently for this post, knowing you would post some plans and goals. My plan was to just copy and paste yours to my plans and goals, and have it done. However, it may be weird if I plan Joshua’s and Timothy’s birthdays and give Paul an anniversary present…hmmm…I don’t know, what do you think?
    🙂 haha
    I have been a little more determined to make some sort of plans because I feel as though I have been living in survival mode for the past two years. I’m working on a few and I want to really pray about it since the last time I felt really peaceful and planned out was when we ended up moving here two weeks after I made said plans! HA!

    1. Jennifer, I’m so glad you are my good friend!! You bring a smile to my face!!

      I usually do try to make goals for each year, but like you, I realized the Lord leads me down different paths. I want to always be open to where He leads. That said, I do think it’s good to have some direction. 🙂

      Care to share your goals after you have prayed over them?? I’ll be happy to be praying that the Lord would make His will known for you this month.

  2. Oh, my, after reading all your goals for January, I feel totally unorganized. I get up each morning with plans in minds, but somehow I never get them all done. I seem to run out of gas about 2:00 in the afternoon. I end up in the recliner with Annie on my lap and often take a nap. I don’t know if that says something about my age or my lack of discipline – probably a little of both.

    1. I usually don’t make it though all of my goals- but I DO at least have a plan so I end up finishing most of them. If I don’t plan anything, then we usually don’t finish anything….it’s just the way it works around here.
      I wouldn’t feel bad, you definitely have a special situation going until you are feeling better and more healed from your surgery!

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