Slow and Steady….

Tracy / January 6, 2014

We’re making some very slow, but very steady progress in the house.

This week, found our contractor pretty much finishing the first half of the backside of our home. (At some point, I’ll post a photo from the ground. It’s too cold for this pregnant woman to venture out that far into the yard today!)

He’ll be starting the remainder later this week. (He said he isn’t working until Wednesday when it warms up. *smile* I don’t blame him one bit!)

The laundry appliances have all been relocated downstairs. This was huge since it required new wiring and plumbing for Paul. He’s been working and has had some sickness. I’m impressed with what he accomplished!

It’s been GREAT to have them all in one place and in a line. We still need to hang some shelving and he’s planning to build a place for our hanging laundry.

(One really GREAT benefit is that the basement smells like fresh laundry instead of all “basementy”….very nice!)

We’ve been focused on finishing the new resource closet downstairs. This is where our school supplies, and most toys will be stored. I’m really excited to have it finished since much of what is just sitting around the house, will be eventually be located in this closet!

I’m not sure where we will be working after this is done. The little boys have new bunk beds being delivered this week. I was hoping to have their room move-in ready but we’re waiting to have their window replaced before we can finish the last wall that will need to have drywall.

We decided on v-groove plank ceiling for the closet since the ceiling in so low. I am THRILLED with the results. At the moment, it needs putty and sanding. Hopefully, before the end of this day, it will have it’s final coat of paint and the light fixture can be installed. My desire would be to have the closet finished by Wednesday of next week (January 15th). That give plenty of time for paint dry times, and the tile to set and be grouted before we hang the shelves and organize everything.

I still stand in this room and am amazed that it didn’t even exist just a few months ago!

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