House Remodel- Update

Tracy / December 30, 2013

I’ve apologized and apologized again, to my children this week.

After sitting the cats outside over and over again- AND fussing at my children for letting them in– someone came to me and pointed out the following:

Our contractor, bless his heart, opened the side of our home (just under the roof), to replace the wood and install the siding on our home. He went home and mentioned nothing.

I’ll admit, I’ve been giggling at the cats the last few days watching them scale the wall and fall a few times. I had no idea they were successful MOST of the time, climbing through the hole. They get put out the front door, walk straight the the back porch, scale the wall, come into the attic and down to the attic door where they cry until some little Lambert, feeling bad for them, lets them into the house.

Sigh. The contractor better show up tomorrow!

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