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Tracy / December 9, 2013

Yesterday, we worked away on two projects.

The first, is the drywall of the new hall. (It’s hard to believe this hall didn’t exist just months ago!)

Joshua finished hanging the drywall. It has had two coats of mud now. The Lord willing, we’ll have the light switch cut in and the room painted in a few days. Then bring on the trim and wood flooring! I’m ready to call this project DONE!

The second project is the new room downstairs. I can’t have the boys hang more drywall until we go and buy the insulation we need for basement walls. I was about to use our fiberglass, rolled insulation when something told me I needed to do some research on basement insulation, just to check. I AM SO VERY GLAD I DID. As it turns out, that is all wrong for basement, blocked walls. This means a trip to LOWE’s for me in the morning.

In the meantime, I did finish the mudding on this wall and started the paint. This is one giant PINTEREST project.

The top and bottom of the wall were easy enough. I used a pencil to draw off my mountain and gave them each two coats of paint.

The center stripe is a road painted with Rustoleum’s Magnetic Paint. This part has been a disaster of sorts since it began.

It started when I opened the quart of paint and it had settled. This isn’t the kind of settling that can be mixed at the paint counter in the hardware store. After breaking TWO paint sticks, I finally stuck my hand in the can (I WAS wearing rubber gloves!) to crumble the contents back into the can. This allowed me to finally stir it until it became smooth. THAT WAS QUITE A JOB.

My next issue was the paint being so thin. You are instructed to use a sponge brush for application so the paint will have a smooth surface. It was runny and we were constantly cleaning up the mess from drips going down the walls.

I did manage to get the paint on the walls. Then I taped off the edges to straighten my lines and begin some detail paint.

Wouldn’t you know, I peeled my tape off and it took HUGE pieces of the magnetic paint with it…*SIGH*.

I’m not touching it today. Tomorrow, we’ll start again.

This is a labor of love. When we’re finished, this wall should support Hot Wheels. I’m planning on painting it around the entire room. If the other walls give me this much trouble, the boys may have to be ok with keeping their Hot Wheels on the floor!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Work

  1. Once again I’m amazed you do so much i could read your blog for hours! I do so wish there were someone like you close to me. Your house looks more beautiful everyday and your post about sunday brought peace to me and hope that one day my family will be that peaceful. 🙂

  2. HA! Ha! There is a whole lot I can’t do, but I’m learning. I think, armed with You Tube, you can learn how to do most anything!!

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