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Tracy / November 1, 2013

So many changes.

The Lord has been so good to provide us the right people, at just the right time to finish some lingering projects. When I look over these previous months, I feel humbled by His work in our lives and in our home.

Here are a few quick pics from the last few weeks:

Matthew supervised the little boys raking and adding pine straw to flower beds. At least now it looks a little less like it has snowed in my yard. (I still can’t believe I didn’t think to cover the shrubs before we started painting. Some lessons are just hard.)

The old fridge has made it’s way to the basement and out of our laundry area! This will clear another part of the room that will eventually become our family room. It also places the fridge and freezer in the same place so it should be easier to organize our food storage.

The porch paint is all dry now. We’ve got all of our seating back in place and Jacob is working to install the remaining porch lights. The only thing remaining will be two ceiling fans we would like to have. It’s so beautiful and looks completely different from when we first moved in four years back.

This photo is of the inside of our house last week. For various reasons, the contractor had to remove an entire wall and all the windows to begin all again. Needless to say, it made for a very long day.

In the end, we were left with this:

Only the back of the house left!

Paul is saying we might try to start the new kitchen next. Kitchen remodel on a budget?? We’ll see how that works out…..stay tuned!

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