Mama’s Cheese Ball Recipe

Tracy / January 6, 2014

Each and every year, Mama would either make us a Cheese Ball for the New Year, or bring the ingredients out for us to make one for our family.

It was an annual tradition.

So many little things like this, have reminded me of her this year. I’m ever grateful that this is what she gave Courtney on her 13th birthday:

This year, I had it copied at Staples and framed it in a floating frame for my own kitchen. It’s a sweet reminder of her.

Some days I miss her terribly.

3 thoughts on “Mama’s Cheese Ball Recipe

  1. I love that you framed your mom’s recipe. I want to frame one of my mom’s. My cousin had three recipes framed that my mom gave her and they hang in her dining room. It is so pretty and very special.
    I completely understand “some days I miss her terribly”. I am beginning to think there will always be a dull ache. 🙁

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