My Hard Working Man…

Tracy / January 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a television truck? They are the most massive, amazing things to see…wires and lights all over- people coming and going. Some have rooms that expand out from the sides of the truck.

Paul works as a remote television engineer for a local, Christian-owned company.

His job has him up, often before the light of day, preparing for mostly sporting events.

He travels all over…

and blesses me with pictures here and there which, I’m sure, he never imagined would be posted here. 🙂

Sometimes, he’s able to take me, or the a few of the children along…

This picture was taken just this week….

You may, or may not know, homeschooling has definite advantages in this arena. This is a picture of the children on Skype doing their reading assignment.

When we are not with him, “Little Paul” (made by Jess a couple of years back), keeps him company and shares his many adventures with us in pictures, upon Paul’s return.

I’m thankful for a hard-working husband that provides for our family. I know it must not be easy, but he never complains and is always telling me how blessed he feels to have all of us. I pray the Lord would make him a witness to those he works with each day, that He would allow me to carry on while Paul travels, and that one day he might find a job that would keep him a little closer to home. Until then, we are in a season of relying on the Lord and learning to be content.

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