Earrings, Day 3

It’s Monday! This has been a really great weekend. We’ve managed to get so much done. I’m always so thankful for a productive weekend…it’s tends to make the whole week better!

We are still without a car while ours is being repaired. My Mom just happens to be on vacation this week and has loaned us her vehicle for the week…who knows what will happen after that! I’m just having to remember that God is in control of it all!!

My husband’s other business, The Concierge Network, seems to be coming along VERY slowly. We are trying to be very patient, but our excitement gets the better of us sometimes. Above all, we pray that this would be yet another opportunity for ministry…and that our company will not be “just another business” but will be a bright light shining in a very dark world. We understand that this is a tall order since this standard doesn’t just apply to Paul but the people that work for him as well.

Earrings Day 3!!! It’s here! (I’m sorry that I’ve left you hanging!!) Today we’re going to learn to use the earring tool. This is going to be tricky because you are having to learn from the one picture and my description but it’s really not hard. I know you can do it!

Our objective here is to turn the straight head pin end into a loop that will fasten onto the ear wire. I am going to do this in three parts (notice Earring Day 3,Earring Day 3B)so you can actually see the specifics: where to hold onto the wire and what it should look like when you are finished.

O.K., to make the loop, first, use your pliers to bend the head pin at an angle, as seen in the picture.

Today’s post will continue to Earring Day 3B.

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