Is it Just Me…

Tracy / January 31, 2013

or is this weather just odd? This week, aside from the rain, the temperatures have been absolutely perfect! We’ve been re-painting furniture (thank you for the dresser, Jan!)… Courtney is an expert with spray paint!! and working in our yard. (This is a bulb from our 12 disciples plant…I’ve never seen a plant bulb this big!) The forsythia is blooming.…

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Yesterday’s Storms

Tracy / January 31, 2013

We’re feeling incredibly grateful that yesterday’s storms only brought in clouds and rain. We could do without those nasty tornado warnings. …and if I could just keep these temps a little longer…..

My Hard Working Man…

Tracy / January 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a television truck? They are the most massive, amazing things to see…wires and lights all over- people coming and going. Some have rooms that expand out from the sides of the truck. Paul works as a remote television engineer for a local, Christian-owned company. His job has him up, often before the light of day, preparing…

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Tracy / January 31, 2013

I’m not gonna let myself get carried away with the hope just yet! My girlies have just not been their normal selves…BUT, this morning we got 21 eggs! …and just in time. Most of you know there has been a LOT of talk of chicken pies around here.

Family Weddings

Tracy / January 24, 2013

It was a rare treat, almost a month ago, to attend the wedding of a dear cousin. Spending time with my children, and my mother…. watching a young woman, that I once held as a child- it was quite a perfect day.

Lazy Mornings

Tracy / January 23, 2013

Perhaps, one of my favorite things in life is when the children pile into our bed early, each morning. I admire Jacob’s balancing skills. Zoe, our young kitty, not so much. I hope I can remember each and every one of these moments when this season of life has passed and they are each in a home of their own.

Random Sweetness

Tracy / January 22, 2013

I’m glad Jackson seems to be feeling better. Jackson, 4 months

Passing Time

Tracy / January 21, 2013

While I’m recovering, I’ve been making numbers for our house- Some wood, some paint, brass numbers from Walmart….a new craft project makes anyone feel better.

Sickness and Snow

Tracy / January 20, 2013

This year, has been a little rough from the start. On this night, my entire family is sick. The flu has apparently made it’s appearance. A friend called it a “Lamdemic”. 😀 Some are now recovering. Some are just beginning to sniffle. Each week has been filled with pain, but also filled with joy. We’ve had friends pour out love…

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Pinterest Projects

Tracy / January 20, 2013

Woohoo! I found a winning Pinterest project. This one was just a little toothpaste on the front headlight to clean them. Check out the left from the right. I would say this one is a keeper! (Thank you Courtney, for trying this idea out for me!)