January 18, 2011

Tracy / January 19, 2011

I had a dental appointment this morning.

I am really, really a big chicken about dental work- but, the Lord was good and things seemed to go just fine.

On my way home, I stopped by the store for a few things and saw these really cute vinyl Valentine’s tablecloths for $5.00. I chose the pattern that I liked and grabbed a bag of poly-fil.

Back home, I cut out two squares and this became a sewing project for Jessica (yes, I know she’s in a coat…it’s a little cool in our home today…I’m counting days until spring!).

We carefully pinned the edges and she sewed a sweet pillow for our front porch! Because we made it from vinyl, it should withstand the weather.

I had chosen a rectangular tablecloth, so we had enough to make two big fluffy pillows, and still have a tablecloth for the table down in “pine cone forest”- as the children now call the play area in our back yard.

While she was sewing, I took time to work on Meredith’s swing again. This time, I’m armed with Craft Bond. It will adhere to anything!!

Last week, when I started placing the stickers, I realized they wouldn’t stick to the Krylon Fusion spray paint! Very frustrating!!

Next, I’m going to try and talk my Mom into repainting the wheels and headlights. Then I just have to coat it in a clear paint to protect it and re-install some hardware. It will be in use by the time we have pretty weather again. 😀

What projects are you working right now??

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