Meredith’s Buggy

Tracy / August 12, 2010

Meredith’s swing…

I have always wanted a little beetle car swing for our children.

When Meredith’s birthday came this year, I really wanted to buy one for her but they were no longer being sold in my local hardware store.

It was sad- I’m really beyond batteries and the fluff they stock toy stores with these days.

I want fun, quality toys…but, that’s another subject for another day.

I know it may sound silly to some, but I prayed that God would give me some direction for this child’s birthday.

Wouldn’t you know, that very day, I happened upon this little gem in the local thrift store:

I don’t know why I’m ever surprised by these things! God answers prayers!!

In any case, you know I’m always itching for a project- and I *love* Krylon spray paint!

Here’s where I am thus far:

A few coats of yellow paint–

(I can’t believe I thought this would only take one can. Back to the hardware store, I guess.)

Dollar store stickers–

I can’t wait to see what the butterflies and flowers look like next to the yellow. I’m going to paint in the lights and bumpers.

I hope it turns out as cute as I’m imagining!!

The other thing I need to figure out is a safety belt. It was missing when we purchased it, but I think it will be easy to replace.

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