Recovering Stools

Tracy / January 19, 2011

I tried to save the most useful things in this house when we moved in last January.

The stools, now in the kitchen, were originally in the basement and had obviously been exposed to years of basement life (dirt, extreme temps, etc.).

I wish I had taken a picture of them before we started this project, but these will have to do:

The top of both were splitting. I wanted to recover them before the foam pads inside were damaged any further.

I took the original stitching apart to create pattern pieces.

We saved the foam from the inside. It seemed to be in good condition.

We painted the wooden parts of the stool with white spray paint and then covered with our newly made seat covers.
I still need to cover the staples with a braid at the bottom of each seat.

JoAnn’s was running a sale on the new vinyl the week I purchase the fabric. This stuff is right around $20/yard. Without a sale, this could have been a pricey little project!

One quick note, if you’ve never sewn with vinyl, it’s VERY important to buy sewing needles made for this type of material. It can mean the difference between a stress-free project, and one that might quickly become very frustrating!!

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