December 1, 2011

Tracy / December 2, 2011

I’ve had lots of help packing away our fall/Thanksgiving decorations. The children carefully went through the house gathering pumpkins, and fall wreaths. We sorted them on my bed and placed them into boxes to await next year. It’s always nice to have their help! It’s really nice to see the excitement growing as they realize it’s almost Christmas!! I’ve spent…

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November 30, 2011

Tracy / November 30, 2011

Another year seems to be coming to an end, my friends. I’m humbled to see the many faces, and places that have blessed my family, and my home in the past year. I’ve been spending time this week looking through this year’s photos. There are many tiny slices of life that I so easily forget. I’m thankful to have thought…

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My Big Girl…

Tracy / October 7, 2011

Emma has been asking Paul for more than two years if she can have her ears pierced. You would think the thought of having this done was piercing his heart — he has talked her out of it one time after another. He finally told her that she could have it done when she turned six years…of course, that’s just…

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Glow Bath

Tracy / October 4, 2011

Tonight’s fun….glow bath– we like to shake things up just a little from time to time. *smile* So, the ingredients for this night of fun…..a bathtub, a handful of glow sticks from the dollar store and a bunch of littles: This little person didn’t want to come out of the tub!

Baby Blessings….

Have I mentioned how special our church family is to us?? Last Sunday, they threw us a very sweet celebration in honor of our newest blessing. I’m sharing a few pics here….my girls made sure we have plenty for the baby book. *smile* (Thank you again, dear friends!!

Gardening Projects

Last year, when we were in the midst of our very first spring in this new home, I decided to plant our first garden boxes. Between chickens, and really being too busy, things just didn’t click. This year, Joshua has been busy building more garden boxes. We still have a few left to plant, but so far, so good. We’ve…

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Stitching for Miss Darby

Tracy / January 28, 2011

Did you catch JoAnn’s $1.00 sale on McCall’s patterns recently?? Here are a few we found for the baby: We actually ended up with about 40 assorted patterns. These sales are when I stock up on what we’ll be working for the year. It’s a shame to pay $10.00 for a pattern if you can buy it on sale! You…

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Family Pictures 2010

Tracy / January 26, 2011

When my dear friend, Natalie, offered to take family pictures for us, I was thrilled!! Until this year, we’ve been told that we’re too large a group to go to a studio, and the cost for an on-site photographer was so expensive, I knew it would need to wait until a different season of our lives. Shoes, diapers and food…

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Tracy / January 23, 2011

Jessa’s afternoon chores include cleaning off the front porch. I wonder if she’ll ever know how it warms my heart to see the little touches she adds to her work??

January 18, 2011

Tracy / January 19, 2011

I had a dental appointment this morning. I am really, really a big chicken about dental work- but, the Lord was good and things seemed to go just fine. On my way home, I stopped by the store for a few things and saw these really cute vinyl Valentine’s tablecloths for $5.00. I chose the pattern that I liked and…

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This Week’s Thrifted Finds…

Tracy / January 15, 2011

I *love* the thrift store! Anytime I can find something I’m needing without paying full price, I’ve a very happy girl! This week, we brought down all of our baby things to determine what we need for this new little girl we’re expecting. Though I’ve always thought those parenting magazines are way off on those “what you need for new…

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