This Week’s Thrifted Finds…

Tracy / January 15, 2011

I *love* the thrift store!

Anytime I can find something I’m needing without paying full price, I’ve a very happy girl!

This week, we brought down all of our baby things to determine what we need for this new little girl we’re expecting.

Though I’ve always thought those parenting magazines are way off on those “what you need for new baby” lists they publish, let’s face it, there are some things you just have to have.

We’ve been stocking diapers and wipes for sometime. I try and make it a practice, from the time I find out I’m expecting to buy a bag of baby diapers from every pay period, so diapers aren’t usually in short supply. The other items are where we’re hurting!

Jessica and I went through and made our own “what we need” list so we can start preparing.

This week at the thrift store I found some keepers– some for baby and some for the older children:

not seen are the juicer (with instructional manual!! Woohoo!!), 6 pair of little boy blue jeans that look brand new!!, a new set of hot rollers that also looked like they had never been used, and three absolutely beautiful baskets–

The sleeper is a nb, it does have a little wear. The hat and other outfit both looked brand new!!

Baby towels and a couple of washcloths. All looked absolutely new!


This little bib was hand embroidered and still in it’s boutique packaging!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this little basket. For now, it’s holding our baby finds. For under a dollar, I couldn’t resist!

New Keds for Meredith. They need a little TLC, but I think they’ll clean up just fine and make great summer sneakers for her.

Ahhh…Miss Emma. She’s been waiting patiently for a new pair of boots. We were shocked how much dirt can collect on a pair of shoes when children are out playing on this much land. Most of my kiddos have rubber boots. Emma had worn her’s totally out…she instantly fell in love with her new boots!

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Thrifted Finds…

  1. Wow, it looks like you found some great things! A juicer? That is a great find! Madeline told me this morning it was time to go to Goodwill because her jean skirt was getting too tight!:>)
    When is your baby due? I know you all must be excited!

    1. We are so excited about the juicer!! I’ve been looking for a while and haven’t been able to find one. I think the Lord just left us a blessing on that thrift store shelf yesterday. 😀
      We are super excited about the baby!!! She is due June 7th. I’ll be half-way through on Tuesday. It feels like the time is flying.
      How is your family? I was excited to see your friend request on FB…I have the hardest time leaving comments on your blog because we can’t get my open ID to work quite right. 😛

  2. You found some awesome things! We went to a few thrift stores today to find some specific clothing items for me and were amazed at how God provided! I also found a few things we didn’t need quite so much…but that’s just part of the fun!:-) I was excited to find a cute wooden high chair ($12) for the baby I take care of. I’d been looking for one for awhile but hadn’t found one at the right price or that was small enough to fit in the dining room.

    1. Hurray for you!! I love to find something really good when we go thrifting. A wooden highchair is a VERY nice find! We found one a couple of years back (we paid more than $12!!). It’s missing the belt. I haven’t decided exactly how to work around this just yet.

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