My Big Girl…

Tracy / October 7, 2011

Emma has been asking Paul for more than two years if she can have her ears pierced.

You would think the thought of having this done was piercing his heart — he has talked her out of it one time after another.

He finally told her that she could have it done when she turned six years…of course, that’s just next week. When I mentioned this to him, he grimaced. I don’t think he expected six to sneak up on him quite so fast.

Last week, she told me at the breakfast table that she had been thinking about getting her ears pierced. I said, “really?”. She says, “Yes ma’am. I think rather than throwing up like Jessica did, I would rather cry like Courtney.”

You would think she’s spent all of her life thinking about this one event!

We decided that since she’s turning six next week, we would take her now so she wouldn’t have to experience that pain on her birthday.

Paul and I loaded her up in the truck to take her to a “surprise location”, (this was his idea, not mine :)).

All the way there she kept asking where we were going…Paul kept telling her she would see when we arrived.

When we parked the truck, this was Emma:

Can you tell she was a little nervous?

As we’re on our way, she says “I sure hope you aren’t taking me to have my ears pierced because I’m not sure I want that right now…”.

So, we walk into Claire’s. The associate asked if we would like a basket to use while we shop and then spotted Emma. She said, “or, are you here to have your ears pierced?”. Emma stood completely still and Paul answered with a big, jolly, “yes, we are!”.

(I think at this point, he wasn’t about to back down….you wouldn’t believe how many conversations Emma and her Papa have had about this subject!)

He popped Emma up in the chair and the process began.

I could tell she was nervous, but also excited. She sat and listened…the associate was very kind to explain everything to her.

We were fortunate that day because they had two young women working the store. They were able to do both ears at one time, and by the count of three, it was done!

We celebrated by buying her an ice cream cone-

Today, she told me that she thinks she’s actually taller. She says the earrings made her look older, “don’t you think so too, Momma?”, she asked.

Yep. I do think so. Ms. Em is growing up.

2 thoughts on “My Big Girl…

  1. She is a cute lovely girl. And those little studs really suite her!
    Piercing your ears and wearing a nice pair of earrings for the very first time is always a big excitement and no girl will ever forget such “rite of passage”. You gave her a lot more than just a beautiful gift.
    Happy Birthday sweet, lovely Emma!

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