Book Review: The Joshua Code

Tracy / December 2, 2015

This month was my first introduction to The Joshua Code: 52 Scripture Verses Every Believer Should Know , and to the children’s accompanying book, I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids . Tommy Nelson sent me both to review for the month of December. At first glance, this is a stunning…

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Book Review: Parable Treasury

Tracy / November 25, 2015

This year is drawing to a close. It seems surreal how quickly the seasons change. It seemed quite appropriate for this month’s Tommy Nelson book selection to include books about changing seasons. Here are some highlights from The Parable Treasury: Written by Liz Curtis Higgs Illustrated by Nancy Munger 117 pages long Hardback, padded pages One quick note, parents who…

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Book Review: I Prayed For You

Tracy / November 3, 2015

I Prayed for You was part of my November book package from Tommy Nelson. This book hit so close to home. Paul and I have made it a habit to pray for each of our children consistently from the time we found out we were expecting. At this season of life, we are praying over the little one growing inside…

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Lulu Tutu Win or Lose I Love You! (Book Review)

Tracy / October 20, 2015

4H is a whole new world for my family. In the past, we tried 4H and never could really get a program started. Now, we’re part of a thriving 4H community and my children are involved in all sorts of wonderful learning adventures. Our first project was the 4H chick chain. It involved raising chicks to full-grown hens. In the…

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Book Review: NKJV Study Bible for Kids

Tracy / October 12, 2015

This has been a year of replacing Bibles in our family. Courtney’s Bible literally has entire books falling out of the binding. My little ones have either outgrown the version we originally purchased, or the book is just completely worn out. Needless to say, we’ve been shopping around to replace them. It’s been interesting to look through the many different…

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Book Review: God’s Good News (Devotions from Billy Graham)

Tracy / September 9, 2015

My first review book this month for Tommy Nelson is God’s Good News Bible Storybook. I grew up watching Billy Graham on TV. It seemed that most of the nation stopped for his broadcasts (or at least that was my perception). As I grew older, I learned more about his ministry to presidents that spanned decades. My husband had the…

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Book Review: Count My Blessings 1-2-3

Tracy / September 1, 2015

I’m learning to count my blessings. It’s something I very much want my children to learn, too. So many times we go to the Lord to ask him for something specific, but how many times do we stop to say thank you for all we have? This month, I was sent a copy of Count My Blessings 1-2-3 from Tommy…

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Book Review: Grandma Kisses

Tracy / August 25, 2015

Did you hear? I’m a grand-mama!! (I know, I know everyone here already knows. I just like saying it again anyway! :D) Sweet little Gabe is surrounded by so many folks who adore him. What a sweet blessing he is for our family. This month, Tommy Nelson sent me a copy of Grandma Kisses for review. What timing! I already…

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Book Review: I Love You Even When

Never once did I ever doubt my mama loved me. I have so many sweet memories of her. She was never one to allow me to get away with just anything, but when I did make mistakes, she was always there to scoop me up, dust off my pain and tell me she loved me. I hope my children realize…

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Book Review: Say and Pray Bible

When my oldest was very young, I used to sit in her bed with her each afternoon and read through her favorite books. The one that most stands out in my mind was a well known author who writes books with simple story lines. His books are full of colorful, fun illustrations and simple sight words. Courtney and I would…

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Book Review and Giveaway: Just For Me Bible

Most nights, after supper, our family gathers in the living room of our home to have devotion time. Each member brings their Bible and their prayer requests. My husband teaches. My children are learning to use their Bibles and how fully the Lord can answer our prayers and guide our lives. While each of my older children have their own…

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