Book Review: I Prayed For You

Tracy / November 3, 2015

I Prayed for You was part of my November book package from Tommy Nelson.

This book hit so close to home.

Paul and I have made it a habit to pray for each of our children consistently from the time we found out we were expecting.

At this season of life, we are praying over the little one growing inside of me, the one who has started a home and family of his own, and all the others, as well. I find myself praying over them all the time as little things come to mind.

What a joyful, and hefty responsibility we have to pray over the children the Lord has given to us.

I Prayed for You is a book about a bear mama and her cub.

She begins by telling her little cub how she prayed for him before he was born. She prayed through his first steps when he said his first prayers, as he learned and grew- through his all his days.

Here are some quick details about this book:

  • I Prayed For You is a hardback book, with a padded cover and rounded edges
  • This book would make a great gift for a baby or toddler
  • This book has 20 glossy pages

I adored this last page:

“Today and tomorrow, even when you are all grown up and I am old and gray, never forget, precious child- your mama will always pray for you.”

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