Our Week in Review- February 18, 2018

Tracy / February 19, 2018

This is our week in review. There have been SO many things.

Life is like that, right?
We think it is just us, but it isn’t. Life happens to everyone.

Let’s see.  This week has been sort of crazy in our home.

Darby’s Tick

Just after I took Darby to the doctor for that wood in her foot (which is healing beautifully, by the way), she ended up with a tick.

I’m told she didn’t realize what it was until she finally showed one of her older sisters and they brought her to me. She had just been playing with it like it was a new friend. (Really, this sounds funny but makes me a little sick.  :P)

I removed it- head and all. I noticed the ring around it that evening, washed and treated it with an epsom salt compress.

The next morning the ring was much more visible.

Paul and I took her to the doctor and she is on antibiotics. This little place is nasty.

If I have not said it enough over the years, we *adore* our pediatric practice. They are what we need, when we need them. They are always encouraging and cheerful.

This visit was no exception. Our pediatrician was out for the day. The one filling in for her told Darby, “I’ve seen worse”. Of course, this put her mind at ease immediately. The rest of the visit was perfect for her since she knew there were no shots and she would get to pick out a couple of new stickers to take home. (It’s amazing how that can just make everything perfect for a 6 year old! If only that helped those of us who are a little older.)

darbysunshine- www.LinesFromTheVine.com
Little Miss Darby Sunshine


A quick note here. I’ve always placed those ticks into a freezer bag and frozen them in case anything happens and a doctor needs to see the tick. We *ahem* lost the bag. I don’t know what happened to it. Some place in this house is a tick. In a bag. (*Hangs head low*)

Paul’s work scheduled has picked up again.

I pray and wait for the Lord to move where his job is concerned. We want for him to not have to travel with a job. We miss him. That is the long and short of it- during this season, I am learning to delight in the Lord and be content. It is a whole lot easier said than done, for me.

Here are some quick things I’m thinking about that-

  • I am thankful for his job that meets our needs. I am thankful the Lord always provides for me while my husband is away- every need is met. It is not always easy and there are a lot of things I wish were different, but my needs are met.
  • I am thankful that this experience has given me far more insight into the lives of women who have traveling husbands. It is something you can not appreciate unless you experience it. I used to think those men wanted to work those types of jobs. I realize now how wrong that assumption was and I can empathize in a way I would have not been able to do, otherwise.
  • I am thankful he makes it a point to stay in touch with me and tries to anticipate my needs while he is away. Paul is a kind and gentle soul. I’m so thankful for him every day. Sometimes I think about what he will be like when he is old. I can see him laughing constantly. I read in my Bible what the Lord has to say to about the merciful and the humble of heart, that is my husband. He is full of joy. He makes me happy.
  • I am thankful he is my friend. He hurts as much as I do when he has to be away. I have listened to him face criticism for his job and his travel over the years. He is not perfect. This job is not perfect, but it is where the Lord has us right now. I know the resumes this man has submitted and I know for now, this is where the Lord has us, so we have to be content. When people talk to him and accuse him of just not wanting to be home, that is painful for him. He has always been someone who loved being at home- so much so, he would never even travel on vacation.
Paul- www.LinesFromTheVine.com
My Pauley.

I pray the Lord would move in this area. It is the desire of my heart. If you think on it, please remember my family and this request?

Valentine’s Day

So this week we also celebrated Valentine’s Day. Paul is thoughtful and almost always remembers details so much better than his wife.  😛

We both woke before 6 am. As we sat in the dark chatting and watching the sun rise out our window, he said, “You know, this is our 30th Valentine’s?” No, I didn’t remember, but he is right! Thirty years ago, Valentine’s was our first “official” date. I was 15 years old. My mama basically gave us an hour and a half to go to Wendy’s for a frosty. That was 30 minutes to drive there, 30 minutes for our ice cream, and 30 minutes for our drive back. 😀

(Did I mention I had the best mama ever?? She loved me enough to want to protect me!)

I wore a pink dress which Paul still speaks of to this day. I gave him these little bears (horrible gift for a teenage boy, I know!).

Several years into our marriage, I realized he still had these bears. Now they sit in the curio cabinet in my bedroom.

What a sweet man, he is. I certainly do not deserve the love and patience (so much patience), that he pours into my life.

Our Valentine’s day was really spent just doing things around our house. Paul was only home for a few days so we didn’t make big plans. We did make our annual trip out to deliver conversation hearts to all the big kids. 🙂 I felt like an undercover agent sneaking up to their houses with candy. I did decide it would be best to let Kylie know I was coming first. I didn’t want to scare her half to death if she saw me out her window.


I love those traditions I had when the children were little. It has been such fun to continue them even into their adult years. I hope I’m 87 still trying to figure out how to sneak conversation hearts up to their doors.

I want them to see I loved them in big ways and in the little things. How blessed I am to have each of them. (…and now I have brought myself to tears, lol.)



Owen’s Gift

Did I mention Owen gifted me a ring? He insisted that I should wear it all day. I was a little concerned when I bent my finger and it broke but he never noticed. He was proud of that ring. That boy sure has my heart. (It was a pretzel, in case you are wondering.)

Some other quick events from the week:


We pulled the fridge out to realize the floor had rotted underneath from a leak in the dishwasher. Don’t you just love it when these things happen?

Ben asked his dad if he could fix it with Paul telling him how. Emma came to me later and told me she was really glad Daddy always takes the time to teach the boys how to do things like this so they will know when they are in homes of their own. <3 That also made me cry. She is a precious girl.

We were phoned by the local extension office to come take bees away from the elementary school. There were not enough for us to start our own colony, but we wanted to help the local school. www.LinesFromTheVine.com

I did learn that you can attract bees with lemon pledge! I had no idea. It is amazing what you learn when you just sit and listen to those who have lived a little more life than you. I’m excited to see if we might use that little trick to attract some swarms this year!


I’ve been working to update my family photo. I’ll be posting a link on You Tube soon to give a tutorial but for now, I sure am enjoying seeing my growing family now hanging in the living room. If we can go more than a few days without rain, I might be able to finish.











Meredith learned a new skill. She is making hot pads for everyone she knows for Christmas. I honestly expected this to take her a while to figure out. She had the first one made in about half an hour. I guess I need to pass the frame to Darby and find something a little more challenging for Meredith.   www.LinesFromTheVine.comwww.LinesFromTheVine.com

I think this is the same frame Courtney used so many years ago. Simple things can bring such good memories.







www.LinesFromTheVine.comEmma and Paul had a date to the Waffle House. She was all smiles when she returned. I think she is already planning where she wants him to take her next.




Finally, some of you might remember black chicken? Right about the time I was due with Toby, Jackson told me he was also expecting. I was a little surprised when he told me he was going to have a black chicken. 😀www.LinesFromTheVine.com

Courtney (being the hilarious, but nurturing personality that she is), put her crochet skills to work and made him a black chicken. When we brought Toby home from the hospital, black chicken was also delivered to Jackson.

Here he is, nearly two years later. This morning I was told that black chicken had a rough night. Jackson and Owen made him a better bed so he could be comfortable. He was better but this was Jackson telling me he thought he might need a bottle.

Life in this house is NEVER dull.



Prayer Requests

Long ago and far away I used to list prayer requests with my blogs. Tonight, I’m revisiting that- there seem to be so many friends hurting right now that just need answers or comfort. I thought I might share my list and you could pray with me?

  • Please continue to remember Darby- healing of her foot and this tick site
  • My dear friend, Sheryl. The Lord knows this need. Sheryl is beautiful inside and out. The world is a better place because of her.
  • My friend, Jenny. She needs some answers on a medical issue she is having i

I’m sure there are more. We pray over many of you at night when we have family devotions.

If you have something you would like me to add, I would be happy to do so!

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