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Tracy / February 11, 2018

Have I mentioned Bath Bomb Lady lately? 😀  Did you happen to know today was Small Business Saturday?!

I had no idea. This is why Courtney and I are making such great business partners!

It does make for a great time to share more about our business. (THIS was one of my first posts about our little business venture and some of our latest happenings, at the time.)

Today, I’m sitting in my living room working slowly on my sites and on some things I am wanting to continue to share about The Three Month Master Plan. - Working

I’m in my Local Market t-shirt (if you are in Auburn stop in and look for the Bath Bomb Lady selection!), and my “mama sweater”- the one she stitched special buttons on while she was recovering from chemo. It’s all so right- I’ll tell you about that in just a minute.

Last night was a late night with Darby and I didn’t get much sleep due to Toby not having a good night. Today I’ve been able to have a slow day- which is unusual around here. It is one of the many, many reasons I love owning my own business. I can have those slow times and it is perfectly fine.

And when those days have been very long…I can soak in my own tub with a bathbomb suited to my mood to pamper myself a bit. It’s a pretty great perk of having a home bath business!! 😀

(By the way, have you seen your latest bathbomb in action?)

Why Did I Start Bath Bomb Lady?

The women in my family have always had the softest, most beautiful skin.

As a little girl, I spent many summers with my great-grandmother. We would spend the early morning hours working in her flower gardens, tending to her magnificent hydrangeas and roses. (These inspired some of my quilts!) In the afternoon, she would allow me to spend time brushing her long, soft hair in front of her lovely old vanity mirror. My mama used to tell me how careful she was with her skin and how she would only rinse her face with rose water. Her skin was always so soft. I can close my eyes and still imagine what it was like to hold her hand during church.

As I grew older, there were many days I would be out shopping with my grandmother and my mama. Folks would ask if we were sisters. My grandmother wrinkled very late in life. She never suffered with dry skin. She was meticulous to cleanse and moisturize it every single night that I remember. She always had beautiful skin.

My mom had different, more olive colored skin. She was a model in her younger years and was absolutely beautiful. She too, aged much more slowly than most women her age. I used to tell her she had beautiful skin and she would just laugh- but she really did!

About 20 years ago, my grandmother started becoming sensitive to the products she was using on her face and especially in her hair. She would almost wince when her hair was brushed. To this day, I try to be extra careful when I’m workng with her hair.

It was around this time I began to research skin care and the nasty ingredients so many companies use in our skin care products. That day would change my entire world.

The Evolution of Bath Bomb Lady

Courtney, Jessica and I started creating our own soap. Those first batches were oatmeal. They didn’t look pretty, but they worked well. We enjoyed making them if nothing else. Bath Bomb Lady
Making Soap

Over the coming years, the Lord would bring many incredibly talented soap-makers into our lives. What I felt most impressed by was their style and how that spilled over to their soap creations. They were all so wonderful and so unique!

In 2016, we had the opportunity to begin creating soap and bath bombs again. We sold at various craft markets and at the local farmer’s market. As always, my intent for my soap business has been to pay off our house. It was fun to see how far my efforts could carry our family. We kept running totals on our profit and worked toward making an extra house payment. The whole family was involved.

Best of all, we met the most amazing folks in our community!

I’ve often thought how much my mama would have adored being part of this effort. She would have loved hanging out at the farmer’s market with us each week. During these cooler months, I wear my sweater as I work on my projects. I feel a little like I’m wrapped in the love she had for me and that in some way, she is taking part. <3

What Is Next?

We are preparing to launch our soaps on the Amazon market next. That step is part of my personal Three Month Master Plan goals. Go big or go home, right?! Bath Bomb Lady

Amazon will carry a different line of soaps but still with the same amazing kombucha & goat milk recipe.

We are also enjoying the process of working with women who are trying to start their own cottage industry. The absolute best part of success is sharing it with others.

Can You Help?

If you have tried our soaps and bathbombs, please share the love! Find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Courtney just added our newest social media outlet when she finished our YouTube channel. Please like our videos, share them with your friends and consider subscribing to our channel.

It’s been a fun ride and the Lord has been so good to bless our efforts. Please pray for us as we grow this year! Our business would be nothing without all of you.

With my love,

2 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday- Bath Bomb Lady

  1. Do you know what my favorite part of this post was? It was the link to your quilts!! It was from Aug of 2006. I had never known the history of your quilt making. I just loved looking at the quilts you made for your children and story behind them, Thanks for putting that link in!

    1. You are such a special part of that quilt making. 😀 I had no idea then that the Lord would allow you to come back into my life. That was such a blessing to me. The Lord is good. <3

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