Bath Bomb Lady

Shhh…I have a little secret.

I’m the Bath Bomb Lady. (In my best “I’m Batman” voice. )
Creating something special-
Bath Bombs being wrapped and ready for shipping.















*Smile* So, it’s not so much a secret to the folks who know us in person.

We have gone over the top in pinks and sparkles. We are loving the girly things in life right now. And,  I’ve started this little business. (Well, actually two, but that is a story for another time.)


What in the world is a  Bath Bomb Lady?

About 10-15 years ago, my grandmother started reacting to her shampoo. She complained of her scalp hurting and it was terribly red. I began to research the ingredients in shampoo and soaps. I was just sick.


I played a bit with making my own soap. It was a rich, wonderful process. I was amazed as we mixed ingredients and made our first bars. We aged our soap and used every single bit. It was wonderful. From time to time, I would make more. It was never something I made a lot of time to do in those years. With lots of littles, there was just too much to fill my time.

Shepherd’s Delight (unscented) soap on the curing rack in the soap room.

As the years passed, I met many incredibly talented soap makers.


Each one had their own signature style. So many personalities. Each spilled out into the soap they created. It was beautiful. I wanted to get my hands back into making soap.


So last year, we decided to take the plunge. Paul and I were looking for a way to plug into our community and support the effort to build the local farmer’s market. We decided on some products we could make at home so we could set up a booth of our own.


Each week, we would take our soap, bath bombs and fresh bread (Jessica bakes amazing bread!), to the market. We practically sold out of bread each week. The bath products were a little more difficult to sell, but we did have a steady market for them.
Bath Bomb Lady beginning at Farmer’s Market.
Emma helping to host our first farmer’s market booth.

We also worked several local outdoor markets. Some were a good fit for our products and some were not. I think that experience was the equivalent to a college level business degree, lol.


I continued to research and develop my soaps and bath bombs into products I was proud to sell. I began to hear folks say, “Hey, the bath bomb lady is here this week!”.


It was the birth of a real business.


We use the most fabulous ingredients!
Bath Bomb Lady- Honey and Oatmeal soap

I changed ingredients and tried all sorts of things.


The first real change I made was to add goat milk to all my bath bombs and soap.


If you have never tried goat milk soap, it really is  special. There are so many soothing qualities to   goat milk.  It makes for an incredibly moisturizing  bar of soap. That combined with the natural glycerin that is normally stripped out of  commercial soap leaves your skin smooth and  soft.


Olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are silky, and extraordinary in our bars.


Kombucha is the ingredient that makes us so completely different from almost any other soaps. Full of anti-oxidants and all sorts of good things- it leaves your skin feeling absolutely clean. Once you have tried a kombucha bar, you will realize how so many soaps have left a film on your skin you may not have noticed before.
Rosie Lee Soap


We grow some of the herbs and flowers used in our products right here on the Lambert Estate.


Rosie Lee is in fact named for my Great-grandmother and is created in memory of her love for roses and rose water.


Using our own flowers, petals, herbs …our own home-grown botanicals,  means we can be sure they have not been treated or sprayed with nasty chemicals.
Rosie Lee Roses

Our bath bombs are nothing like you find in most places. They are more refined.


We have created our bombs for women who are looking for something different than what you find in most retail stores. I want women to feel like they have just soaked in a spa experience when they soak in a tub with our bombs.


We make them with rich clay and magnesium salts. They contain coconut oil and shea butter.
Bath Bombs
Cup O’ Joe Foaming Milk Bath Bomb

I want your skin to feel different even days after they have soaked in a tub with one of our bombs.


We have built an entire cottage industry around making women feel as if they have experienced a touch of luxury without leaving their home. We love our customers. It is an incredible feeling to give them something that is going to make them feel good.


Throw in a touch of “bling” and you’ve got the Bath Bomb Lady.


Our current place and where we are headed (the Lord willing…):

So many amazing things have been happening this year.


We are being sold in one store and are just weeks from going into our second. I have had so many ladies requesting one of our “pink packages” that it is pretty common to be delivering a few in person each week for months.
Pink Packages being shipped!
Pink Packages

We are currently working to be carried in some larger retail spaces and are researching the addition of some new lines of bath products in the coming months.


This has been a full-family business adventure. The girls have helped mix and make most all of the products. Jon washes all of our dishes and pulls ingredients. Paul and the older boys have packaged all sorts of girlie products and helped me sell them at every single event.


Paul has invested in our business and allowed us to get off the ground.


Courtney has worked some crazy social media and website magic that has the internet buzzing about our soap and bath bombs. She has become an awesome business partner. Her photographs speak exactly the message I want to share about our products.   (If I might add, it is an INCREDIBLE experience to be working a business alongside your children! They are amazingly talented and have so many fantastic ideas. We would not be where we are now if it weren’t for these bigger folks!)



If you have a chance, hop over and find us on Instagram or FB. If you are feeling really adventurous, jump over to our website and let me know what you think.


May the Lord be pleased with our business and the relationships we have gained these last couple of years. It has been an exciting ride, so far!
Rubber Ducky Soap from Bath Bomb Lady-




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