Book Review- Night Night, Train

Tracy / August 15, 2017
Night Night Train--
Night Night Train–


I’ve enjoyed our new books from Tommy Nelson this month. The first was My Great Big God and this one, Night Night, Train.

As posted before, I adore adding sweet books to our library for my little folks.

We actually have time set apart each day for them to sit and “read” their books quietly. This week, these books were tucked into our diaper bag and read while we were waiting on my older children to finish with their dental appointments.

They loved the colorful illustrations and sweet rhymes on each page of Night Night, Train. This book is a 20 page padded board book so it’s even safe for my youngest little person to handle on his own.

We loved the little mouse that showed up through the book. It became a game to look for it on each page.

–AND it’s a story about a train. That made it a sure winner for my boys!

My only issue with this book is that this is the first time I’ve brought a book in to review with my family and it disappeared. One of my youngsters loved it so much they have taken it to be their own, lol!

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