Book Review: Good Night, Little Love!

February is always a sweet month around our house.

Valentine’s Day just lends itself to teaching my children about love, and especially about God’s love. We try to do things that focus on love all month. It is always my desire that it would plant seeds in the hearts of my children that would one day sprout and grow, as they have and raise their own children.

This month’s Tommy Nelson shipment had two books. The first was Good Night, Little Love.

Here are some quick details on this book:

  • The cover has the sweetest, glittered embellishments. One of my oldest children actually made a comment about it when she was walking through the room where I opened the package.
  • The book is 24 pages in length
  • It’s a shaped, board book so it’s easy and safe for little hands. The shaped edges make it interesting for little ones.
  • This book (like so many others from Tommy Nelson) directs children to say “thank you” to God as they wind down their day.

I can’t wait to read this book to my own children.

There is something about the end of the day that is just so sweet. Little ones in their jammies, crowd around for night kisses and cuddles. It is a time to reflect on the day and to look forward to the next. Good Night, Little Love is a perfect little ending to a day.

From the back of the book:

“It’s time to put on pajamas, snuggle up, and look forward to all the happy adventures and togetherness that God will bring tomorrow. Help your child wind down with this imaginative lullaby with whimsical illustrations, and then drift off to sleep reassured of your unconditional love and affection.”

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