Book Review- Bold Love

Tracy / January 24, 2012

If you can’t tell, I’m REALLY enjoying Good Reads!

Thank you, Courtney, for the suggestion! It’s helping me stay on top of my book goals for this year.

So, here goes:

Bold LoveBold Love by Dan B. Allender

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first started Bold Love, I had a very difficult time following the writer…I think I got lost in his writing.

I’m so glad I didn’t stop. This book caused me to examine true love in light of God’s love for us, and specifically, forgiveness. I personally, most enjoyed the sections on how to love different types of people, especially those who hurt you.

I will most definitely read this book again in the future.

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*On a personal note, I have often struggled with what it means to genuinely love someone…. what does that look like?
Is it love to continue to encourage someone who is living in sin?
What about those who have hurt you?
How do you forgive what feels to be the most unforgivable of hurts?

As usual, I don’t necessarily agree with everything the writer shares, but this book is full of great information and insight for Christians.

Thank you, Shepherd Family, for loaning it to me! I would say this is a book I’ll be thinking through for some time and plan to read again in the future.

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