Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon's 10th Birthday LinesFromTheVine.com

Jonathan Patrick is already another year older.

Jon's 10th Birthday LinesFromTheVine.com

His 9th year has practically flown by.

These 9 year old’s have proven to be quite a challenge for Paul and I.

Terrible 2’s? Not in this house.

Three year old’s tend to be very “active” and require a lot of attention. They are smart enough to get into pretty much everything while they are learning boundaries. The next age is 9. I’m not sure why, (maybe it is just us?), but  9 years is when we start seeing the emergence of some attitude issues. It takes us pretty much that entire year to work the children past that age and then they are great until their older teen years when we have had a bump here and there.

Those 9 year old’s are literally our most difficult age.

We’re happy to report that Jon has survived his 9th year. 😀

Jon had some pretty specific requests for his 9th birthday:

  • Pancakes at IHOP.
  • Lego Ice Cream Cake (that one was a little crazy!)
  • Build a Bear (I don’t think he cared for the routine with the employees. He just wanted to stuff his minion an get out.)
  • A sleeping bag

Simple requests. He’s a simple man. 😀

I really look forward to seeing him grow and learn this year. He is such a sweet boy and he has such a big, big heart.

Jonathan, one day when you read this, I hope you know what a special place you have in my heart. Those big blue eyes melt me into a complete puddle. I watch you help your younger brothers and sisters. I watch you trying new things and learn every day. There is not a day that passes when you don’t ask me if you can help me with something. You have a servant’s heart and it’s beautiful. I love you so much, my young son. I  am proud of you and I pray the Lord will whisper to your heart and lead all of your steps as you start age 10. Happy birthday. Love always, Mama. <3

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