My Scripture Notebook

Tracy / January 4, 2015

A new family heirloom in the making….my scripture notebook.

Memorizing scripture is a meaningful way to start a new year. I’m recording it in a very special book my mama gifted to me on my 37th birthday.

The Lord willing, generations from now, my family will be reading the word we stored in our hearts in my handwriting.

May those seeds be planted in fertile soil to grow for many, many years.

5 thoughts on “My Scripture Notebook

    1. Thank you! The Bible you have that belonged to your mother is actually what inspired me! What an incredible heirloom to have notes and the scripture written in your mama’s handwriting. That is what I hope this will become.

  1. I totally agree, Marcy. I do think you think think of things so differently. I think quite a bit about the legacy I’m leaving my children. I pray they would know my heart for the Lord and for them. <3

  2. Yes, my mother’s Bible is truly a treasure for me. I also have her hand-written autobiography that I was in the process of typing and saving on my computer. I really treasure that.

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