December 19, 2013

Tracy / December 20, 2013

First, thank you for the prayer.

Courtney’s surgery went well this morning. She has been resting in bed the remainder of the day. I’m hoping tomorrow will find her feeling some better. I know healing takes time- I am praying it won’t take long.

The house is not the same without her smiling and singing through the day.

Even with the surgery this morning, we managed a few home projects (thanks to our contractor showing up today!).

Here are finished photos of the new deck:

We have a great deal of clean-up to do but I think I’m going to wait until the siding is finished.

Today, he started rebuilding our family room wall.

As of tonight, we have one new window and new french doors! These will replace the sliding glass doors (that were covered because they were broken) that were here when we purchased this house.

Paul will be home all day tomorrow to work on a project. I can’t quite decide exactly where I want him to focus. I keep thinking the drywall downstairs would be nice but I am wondering if I should have him go ahead and transition the washer and dryers to our new laundry area downstairs.

I hate making these decisions!

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