Apartment Kitchen and Laundry Shelves

Tracy / November 30, 2013

These were actually taken a few weeks back.

This house had an addition added at some point making it a duplex for the previous owner’s mother. When we moved in, we knew we would need this extra space for our family so the decision was made to remove some walls to create more flow through both sides of the house.

Aside from adding those doors, we really didn’t do too much else. It became our “family closet”. Paul built shelves to hold our clothing.

This is one of the rooms that needs to be completely re-done before the appraisal. The styrofoam tiles and wrecked floor all has to be taken out. In addition, we are removing the wall between it and the existing main kitchen to create a large media/family room for our family.

(This is where an old window was located before the addition of the apartment. It was hidden behind sheets of paneling.)

Benjamin asked if he could work on the demolition for this room. I told him he could remove one piece of the wall panels. He did a great job and even cleaned up after himself. I took the plunge and gave him full permission on this room (well, almost).

The large laundry shelves were moved outside to be painted before they find themselves downstairs, in what will be our new laundry area.

Matthew loves this paint sprayer (not!). He is good at using it….

In the weeks since my last post, I finished the drywall in the office hall, we finished the upgrades to the main hall, we finished the front porch, we’ve painted most of the inner basement, started the back deck, started the demo in the family room, finished the pantry, and have repainted, repaired trim and added new lighting in the living room, and refinished my bathroom vanity.

This morning (Saturday), I have contractors working on the deck in my backyard. Inside, we’re (attempting!) to replace Courtney’s bathroom ceiling that we removed a week or so back due to the fact that it had a big foot step through the attic floor into her bathroom.

Are all of you tired reading this?? 😀

If you add Thanksgiving and now Christmas trees going up- I’m beginning to think the pest control man was right, we really could be our own home improvement reality show!

I’ll try to update with more pictures in just a while! For now, we have to have something to show for this day.

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