On a Sunday Night…

Tracy / December 8, 2013

On a Sunday night, the house is quiet compared to other days.

We’ve been to church. We’ve enjoyed fellowship time with our church family (today, until almost 4!). We’ve visited with friends …who are like family.

Some are sleeping. (Sunday is made for relaxation and restoration).

I smell food simmering in the kitchen for dinner.

Matthew, Jessa, and Ben are playing a game with a friend.

Tim, Emma, and Jon play LEGOS in the family room

The two oldest boys are taking a minute (or a few…) to prepare for the next stage of our home repairs. I think. I do hear beating, but mostly I hear boisterous laughter from that room as they both swap stories and jokes. I hope they laugh together this way their entire lives.

My husband will be home from a trip very soon. He is always gone *much* too long. We miss him and practically wait by the door for his return.

I simply *adore* Sunday.

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