creation museum

Paul and I decided to treat the children last week to the first vacation we have had in several years!

His travels make hotel stays very affordable (free, actually!), and car rentals very inexpensive.

It was an *absolutely perfect* trip!

Well, except for that weather….

We took a little detour over into Indiana!

The whole group waiting to go in….

Darby had a little mishap on the way to Kentucky! She was ok, but wouldn’t stop picking at it, so I bandaged it the best I could bandage such a tiny nose.

Crushing pennies-

Watching a movie on the Tower of Babel…
Imagine what Noah’s Ark may have looked like…
Loving on my little guy….
We had the best time! Answers in Genesis has done a fantastic job with the exhibits.

Mostly, we enjoyed the time away as a family. We’re very thankful for the moments to make some extra-special memories!

3 thoughts on “creation museum

  1. I enjoyed “catching up” on your blog. I am glad your family got to get away together. Those moments are precious!
    I read where you were having some tests done. I pray everything is fine.

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