traveling with my honey….

A DAY after we returned from our trip to Kentucky, I left for Texas with Paul. We had such a good time. It’s been more than a year since I’ve gone on a work trip with him. I spent the time while he worked, planning our next school year, making menus and soaking up the sun. It was relaxing and…

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on the way home

We stopped by the Alabama state line to see the rocket and take some pictures. Most of the children were handling the trip fairly well. I had a couple who were less than excited. Can you tell which ones??

a few more

These are just additional photos from our trip- Jackson, my little man, waiting to go for breakfast… These were from Opry Mills when we stopped off in Nashville on our way home. While we were waiting for our reservation at the Rainforest Cafe, we walked down to the other side of the mall to look at the aquariums- Our turn…

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from our trip last week….

The children LOVED the hotel pool during our recent vacation. Having never been in a big pool, Meredith was a little scared at first. By the time we left, she was swimming from one side to the next (still with water wings) and having the time of her life!

creation museum

Paul and I decided to treat the children last week to the first vacation we have had in several years! His travels make hotel stays very affordable (free, actually!), and car rentals very inexpensive. It was an *absolutely perfect* trip! Well, except for that weather…. We took a little detour over into Indiana! The whole group waiting to go in….…

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a gifted dream

The Lord is so very good to me. He knows exactly my heart and my hurts. This week, I’ve found myself dwelling on *that night*…the details, the sounds, our last words. I’ve done so well to try and think of other things, but this week, it’s just hung there. Anger has once again squeezed in….. My mama fought a hard…

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one thousand gifts

71. planning for our school year 72. looking into the eyes of a beautiful seven year old 73. time away with my dearest 74. an inspiring read 75. expected rain 76. a kitty waiting for you to arrive home 77. uncontrollable giggles from the room next door 78. snuggling a happy baby in the early morning hours 79. merciful Lord…

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one thousand gifts

65. compassionate nursing staff during my recent hospital visit 66. sounds of excited children 67. finishing a book on this year’s reading list 68. sweet conversation between an elderly couple yesterday 69. a new toilet bowl brush (it’s the little things, you know…) 70. laying down by *my dearest* at night


I had some pretty extensive testing done yesterday at our local hospital. They found some things, not surprising, but they are an issue. I wanted to ask for prayer. Thank you!

mama’s birthday

I guess this day has been easier than I originally thought- that’s not exactly what I’m thinking, but I don’t know any other way to write my thoughts. Maybe it’s been hard, but I have felt God’s grace all around. I have cried. My children have cried. I sat, with them all, in the blades of grass growing all around…

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“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…”   Song of Solomon 6:3