Another Driver

Yikes…THREE of our children are drivers!! Unbelievable.

I’m convinced they are still three years old. I still feel too young to have children this age– especially three. (Don’t blow this for me by telling me you can see all the little lines on my face and gray hair….)

I can’t stop time, and here I am, and here he is….

and Papa….

It has taken multiple trips to actually get the license–I know I’m forgetting some of the details, but it’s something like this:

Paul and I set a date in February to take the children. His work schedule changed and we had to reset the date by a couple of weeks.

The first time, we arrived to find out our little rural DMV is only open ONE day a week (did I mention we drove almost an hour to get there?). I’ll chalk that one up to us not being prepared.

The second time we arrived on the right day to find out that since no one was in line, the state worker who administers the tests, had left half an hour early. 🙁

The third time, we go to another county to test. Their office is open five days a week.

Now this, was an adventure.

We were one of a few people actually applying for a license, but the waiting room was full. One person after the next went to the window to tell their sob story– most were DUI’s (and I’m thinking of placing my babies on the road, why??!). One woman tried to tell the receptionist an officer had taken her license and never given it back. Being further questioned, she finally admitted it had been taken after it was suspended. She had just gotten out of jail for some unspecified crime, and amount of time (the license was still suspended).

There were also the FOUR teens who came to help their friend apply for his license. They had all four dropped out of school. The one needing his license went on to explain he thought they had mailed him a form, but it could be at his mom’s house- or it may be at his step-dad’s house, maybe mom’s boyfriend got it…. he had also lived with a few friends along the way. He wasn’t sure which address since he had been all over. He was Through the shaved, bleached hair, body piercings, and tattoos, all I could see was pain. I wanted very much to sit and talk with him, give him a big hug, and set him straight.

The twins that had just turned 16 were funny, in a sad way. Their Grandma was convinced she was their lucky charm since their father had taken them several times before, and each time they failed. They both sat, clicking away on their cell phones. When we left, they had talked Grandma into letting them out of school for the rest of the day…they needed to “calm down” after the trauma of not being able to test. :/

We waited for THREE HOURS when we were finally told the computers had been down all morning. As we were leaving, it was announced the computers were up, but they weren’t going to see anyone until after lunch. As we were walking out the door, some woman motioned to Jacob and Jess to come back to the desk. They were going to go ahead and allow them to test. They filled out their paperwork, had pictures snapped and were seated to wait again. After another short wait, we were told their paperwork had been processed but the actual driver’s test wouldn’t be given for another couple of hours. *sigh* Paul had to leave for a trip (he was already late!), so we just left and decided to try another day. (I will add here, that knitting while waiting is a GOOD thing….I think folks were frightened to sit next to me. Death by knitting needles…hmmmm…..who knew I could be threatening?)

The next week, we decided we might try to again, but this was the week of my mom’s surgery. A driver’s license was just not in the picture. This has actually carried over to the last couple of weeks. I don’t think any of us were in the mood.

So, now comes Thursday. We got up and out early.

I have no doubt, this date was just providence.

I sat down with my knitting, in the only seat in the room. There was an older woman sitting in the chair next to me.

She was quiet, but did ask what I was making.

We started to chat and she asked me where I lived. I told her and she responded, “I live there too!”. To make a long story short, it turns out, she only lives two doors down from me and is married to the farmer that has brought us squash and okra the past two summers.

I’ve tried several times to meet her, wanting to thank her for the vegetables and hoping she might help me with some canning questions I have. They have been busy and suffering from some fairly serious health problems. Things have just not worked out for us to meet, until now.

It was a blessing to talk with her. I hope it is the start to a new, sweet friendship.

If nothing else, the way I see it, I at least have many more years before I have to buy my own chicken food since Jacob is now driving. 🙂

With my love,


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