Another New Driver…

We’ve had so much happening in our little world these last few months….

Jacob took the test for his permit and passed!

He was so proud, and I am so happy for him.

I was less than impressed with the DMV.

I know, I know, people share their horror stories all the time. Fortunately, until now, things haven’t been so horrible for our family.

We decided to use the satellite office of another county since we were going to be passing through that day.

You would know, the day we went for the test, the driver’s license system was down for our state.

I decided to ask the clerk just to make sure we couldn’t take the written test on paper…I mean, it hasn’t been THAT long since I took my test and we were still taking it on paper. I assumed it could still be done…I was wrong!

She immediately snapped back telling me she had no idea when the system would be back up, and no, they don’t offer the test on paper.

I told her we might wait for a while to see if it would be back up (I had heard another clerk saying it would only probably be another 30-45 minutes).

I’m sure she had probably answered the same questions a million times…but listening to her talk so hatefully to another mother and her son, and then to an elderly couple who had walked in to ask a question was almost more than I could take.

Thankfully, the system did come back to life. Jacob had been so nervous, I was really hoping he wouldn’t have to wait another day.

While he was back taking the test, I think he also received a few nasty comments, but that didn’t stop him!

He holds his permit now….he told me on the way home, he wasn’t sure how he would do, but he decided after studying for months, it was time to take the test and just try.

Funny thing is, that morning, as I was quizzing him on some possible test questions, I was amused to find he knew entire portions of the test by heart. These are things I still didn’t know and I have been driving for years!

Do you know how many inches of a front windshield can be tinted?? What about the ratio?? 😀

Anyway, I’m a proud momma!! Paul let him drive for the first time yesterday. I’m not sure I’m ready for a third driver just yet!!

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