Learning to be a Mama

I do think little girls practice to be a mama long before it’s their time. On this morning, Meredith had chosen a bow and was busy brushing and styling her baby’s hair.

From His Travels

I do think this has been Paul’s busiest season EVER. Though we have been thankful for the Lord’s provision this year, it’s not fun to be without him so much of the time. We’ll be so glad to have him home a little more, beginning next week.

…Now for Braces

He has glasses and now we’re preparing for braces. Matthew is seeing a lot of change this year!

Randomness From Family Game Night

Battleship with Ben. Five Little Monkeys with the littles. Dutch Blitz with the older children (they taught me to play!!). I love Friday night with my children….they are loud and happy. I wish I could capture each and every moment of these days.

My Boys

Paul and I try weekly, to take some of our children to town with us. We run errands and do our shopping…we enjoy their company. This past week, I had the privilege of sharing time with Jacob and Timothy. We had quite a bit to do, but managed to stop and pick up lunch. I’m a blessed mama. I sure…

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Additional Photos….

Joshua came to the hospital, to wait with me, while my mama had surgery last week…. He brought his computer and worked while he was there. I was so glad to have him. He reminds me so much of Paul sometimes. The view from the surgery waiting room is really beautiful. On this day, high up in this tree, were…

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The Flooring Progress

I saw this note left for the family today regarding the progress of the new flooring: It’s looking great! I can’t wait to post pictures. This will be the 5th room we’ve finished with plywood-to-plank flooring.

An Update- March 22, 2013

Yesterday, found me thinking back to December.  Things seemed so normal- normal for us, anyway. Much has happened recently.  Things with my mom, and with my children.  Paul hasn’t been home more than a day- he was home for all of 18 hours yesterday. I guess I’m not complaining, I’m maybe just tired. I find myself, at this point, just…

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Ice Skating in February

I’m late posting these pictures, but better late than never. *smile* Weeks later, Matthew has a massive bruise on his arm, and Joshua pulled something in his leg, and most all of them loved the entire experience and want to do it again!

Family Game Night- March 8, 2013

Ben talks Grandmommy into Risk (I warned her….) and the littles playing Don’t Wake Daddy- Meredith REALLY enjoyed her ice cream…


….and so we’re courting. Through a long-time friend, we’ve met a very sweet young man. It’s a long story…and I will share at a later time when there are a few more minutes. We’ve been praying, and his family has been praying. I know if nothing else were to come from this time, we have made life-long friends with this…

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She said she’s wanted to try toting them both: They were all grinning!!