April 15, 2011

Spring has brought so many beautiful changes in our home…. Courtney snapped a few photos this afternoon and was so kind to allow me to share them!

Zoe, continues to grow and find trouble each day. She’s just as cute as can be….and I think, she thinks, she owns the house!

The trees are all blooming…this yard is absolutely beautiful- full of flowering trees and shrubs. What a blessing to walk into the yard each day and see such beauty!

The geese have hatched their babies!! They are such fun to watch each day as they stroll across the yard.

Then there’s this little guy, who thinks he’s part of the goose family. They aren’t so pleased!!

…and then the newest addition to our home– “Jack” is the sweetest puppy. He’s settling in and the children adore him.

We have *A LOT* to learn about puppy training.

Meredith tells him he’s a “sweet little kitty”.

I’ll try to post more a little later! I hope you have had a wonderful day. :D,

1 thought on “April 15, 2011

  1. Jack is sooooooo precious. I want to just cuddle him. Realization will soon set in about what a Blessed Life he has ahead of him. I don’t know of any place where he would get more love. Giggle! Love Y’all

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