March 19, 2011

Spring days seem to drift in and out so very quickly!

I have lists and lists of projects I would like to tackle. Little boys are learning to read and write. Older children are working on their daily tasks, and blossoming into the adults that I’ve seen a little glimpse of here and there through the years.

Time is indeed, a valuable asset. There is no taking it back once it’s gone. I’m trying to use each and every minute to it’s fullest!

We’ve had so much happening here in recent weeks, it’s hard to journal it all in one post. I’ve been trying to post little snippets here and there so I don’t forget a thing. I keep telling myself one day, I’ll have these entries printed and saved for my children and their children.

I hope they find joy in reading all about their childhood days! I surely have enjoyed going back to read posts from a few years ago (they all seemed so little then!).


We’re slowly recovering from the “chicken massacre”.

Our new chickens are growing! They were the babies…now some cute, fuzzy Buffs have taken their place:

Joshua and Jacob decided they wanted to have some “breeding hens”. So now, we have these little puffs of fluff roaming around the brooder box. Baby chicks are just too cute!

The “teenage” chickens are still in our greenhouse downstairs. They are really well old enough to be outside but until we can build secure night quarters for them, they stay in a pen outside during the day (Jacob’s creation), and come into the greenhouse at night.

They seem ever so happy out there during the day!


We also have a new kitty…

Meet “Gracie”.

We are technically her “foster family” until she recovers from a cold, but we are hoping to keep her. She’s a loving little kitty and seems to be acclimating to our home very well.

We’ll know in the next week or so if we will be allowed to make her our own.


I’m now “officially” in my third trimester of pregnancy.

I can tell this little girl is growing stronger each day. She’s all too ready to kick and stretch, and hiccups are a regular thing.

These are all such sweet sensations to be feeling, and a reminder to be praying for her little life now, and for the days to come.

Not much longer and I’ll get to see her precious little face!


I had mentioned before I’ve been working on all sorts of projects….

These are new dresses for Emma:

Three of them are finished. I’ll finish the fourth today. I’m thinking of making a pinafore for one of them (it would actually work with all four). I’m also going to add bloomers and maybe hair bows. She took one out of my sewing stack this week and wore it for the day. She said over and over how pretty it was….there are no better words to this momma’s ears! I love knowing that she is enjoying something I’ve made for her.

This is the makings of yet another baby gift:

Our “sewing central”

I’m really excited about the fabrics! I think they will be super cute together…though I’m sure not nearly as cute as the little one they will be wrapped around. 😀 The Lord willing, this project will be finished before the end of the day.

My very dear cousin, Tonya, visited with me on Thursday. When I found out she was coming, I asked if she might like to sew that day. The Lord really blessed our day and we were able to almost completely finish FOUR dresses (they were only missing snaps!).

Two were for Meredith and two for her little baby.

This was a pattern from Sew Baby that has been on my “wish list” for years, but we only recently purchased it for our collection.

It’s completely reversible so what would ordinarily only be two dresses, is actually four!

More so, I enjoyed her fellowship- as always- God has been good to bless me with her friendship!

So today, after I’ve put finishing touches on Emma’s dress, and the baby gift is finished, I have these fabrics:

Even if only cut out today, I can’t wait to tackle two more summer dresses.

There are so many great patterns on the market, it’s hard to limit myself. I want to try them all!!!

Courtney, has been working on a project all her own:

This is the baby’s coming home blanket! I was so pleased when she agreed to crochet it for me. She’s doing a great job…and I must admit, it gives my heart a little thrill when I walk by and see her happily crocheting. It’s just a picture of a moment of grace and beauty to see your daughter working on something so lovely with her own hands.

Prayer Requests

  • I’m still waiting on some test results from my recent trip to the doctor. Please pray for these.
  • My Mom as she travels to visit with my Grandmother today.

Today I’m Thankful For

  • Time with Jan yesterday as our children helped a church member with her yard!
  • Time with another *VERY DEAR* friend and her children…it was a nice time of fellowship and rest….the Lord has been so good to bless me with many of these moments recently
  • A garden that is growing and looking great…I think a really yummy, home-grown salad is in my immediate future!
  • A husband that invited me out for an early breakfast one day this week.
  • Paul finished his finals for another quarter of school and is maintaining his 4.0 GPA…God is good!!

Today’s Scripture Meditation

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” – Galatians 5:22-23

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

With my love,

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