April 7, 2011

What a full day!

I’m so thankful to the Lord for days when we feel like we’ve accomplished our goals. More importantly, I’m thankful when we feel like we’ve accomplished HIS goals. I hope we have- I think He continually shows me places where I need to focus.

It has been an absolutely beautiful day at our home.

We’re expecting rain tomorrow so we set out today to make the most of the moments while there was some sunshine. I think everyone was glad to have some outside time. (Some probably more than others!)

As we continue to address some areas of our home before the summer really begins and the baby arrives, I think we made some real progress today!


After a year of weekly cleaning, we have FINALLY removed all the trash that we found, shortly after we moved, buried in the side of our yard. I’ll spare you the details but it was weekly work for our family. I’m so glad it’s gone. I think I’ll honestly sleep better knowing the job is finally finished.


Courtney repaired our bird feeder and filled it with seed just in time for the weather to warm up and invite lots of birds. I loved watching them from our family room last year.


We planted Bee Balm this morning in a front planter. The Sweet Mint we’ve had growing has done great…this one seemed like it might be a nice addition to the front porch.


Bee Balm


As I type, I can hear Joshua working on three additional square foot beds for the garden. We’ve REALLY enjoyed the lettuce and have had enough to share with friends.


Maybe before the end of the day, we’ll have those beds in place! We have some squash and tomato plants that would love a new home.

On that note, (I can’t remember if I shared this or not….), this year, rather than buying the expensive little plastic greenhouses, I decided to just buy the peat pellets and some plastic shoe boxes from the dollar store. They
are holding up so much better and we have some happy plants! It was easy to label what was planted in each row.


Joshua also took the door down to my bedroom and to this little closet. I removed the shelving and we’re painting!

We loved the closets in this house (there are at least two in each bedroom!), but they sure were dark.

I think they are looking so much better in white.

….and, I’m really excited about the shelf paper we found at Michael’s! Isn’t it beautiful??

The simplest things can make you feel such joy!! It’s nice to work on your home and feel good about the changes you see.

A little paint, a little shelf paper, some weeding here and there….all things that are so easy, so simple, and yet make a big impact!

Have you worked on any new projects around your home this spring?

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray as we reach the end of this pregnancy. I woke up with little contractions this morning. It’s a typical thing once I reach this stage, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

Today I’m Thankful For

  • A sweet note from Heidi!
  • Little girls who are feeling much better today
  • Happy smiles I see in the backyard this afternoon
  • Flowers all over the yard…it’s fun to see them pop up after such a cold winter!
  • Did I mention the REALLY big news?? It seems the phone company has decided to provide our area with high-speed internet!!! Woohoo! Now if they could just hurry—after a