On Walking….

I’ve been walking, walking, walking.

Nine miles a week…it literally is uphill BOTH ways (and hubby thought I was joking!).

I’ve dropped 30 pounds and two pants sizes.

I feel better than I’ve felt in years.

I’ve lost the baby weight from babies 2-10 (is that sad, or what???).

So here’s the problem– my feet hurt! They actually ache!!

Last night, instead of attending church, I was lounging in the rocker with my feet up, and sporting ice packs.

I’m only walking every other day for now. The day between gives my feet a chance to recover a little before I’m out walking again.

I did take a week off to see if they would feel better- they didn’t.

This morning, Paul took me to the shoe store to purchase new shoes. Hopefully, they will feel better.

Do any of you ladies have suggestions for me? I’m just not sure what to think.

I certainly DO NOT want to stop walking– it’s taken me this long to walk without feeling like I’m going to die when I return home.

Besides, what would dear Jan say if I wasn’t beside her whining the whole way??? I certainly complain about those hills enough for the both of us, LOL!!

O.K., so I need suggestions!


Many thanks!

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