One quick note–our newest, favorite place has got to be the Aldi’s!

Beth, and my Aunt Denise told me I would have no regrets and boy, I don’t!!

As a general rule, breakfast here should be a quarter or less per person, as should lunch. Dinner usually averages around 50 cents per person.

This allows me to feed everyone a balanced meal- and keeps me on my toes where our budget is concerned.

Lately, I’m just growing tired of sandwiches. Truthfully, how much peanut butter and jelly can one woman stand?

I looked around at Aldi’s this morning for some other options and found tortilla chips and salsa! The chips were 99 cents and full enough (you know sometimes those bags are only 1/2 full!) to feed my crew of 11 (sorry, Meredith–you’ll have to stick to PB & J until you sprout some more teeth!).

The salsa is $1.19 and also enough to feed my crew. That brings the total to $2.19 for everyone!! NINETEEN CENTS per person.

Now, you just can’t beat that!! Throw on some chopped veggies from the garden and you’ve got a great lunch, especially in this Alabama heat.

If you’ve never shopped Aldi’s give it a try!!

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