Praying Over Your Children

Tracy / February 21, 2006

Yesterday was such a sweet time….I love celebrating
birthdays with my children. To see the changes that
each year brings….watching them enjoy their accomplishments,
there is just nothing else like it!!

Prayer Requests

My prayer requests today include all of the families that we
know that are still fighting illness in their homes.

Also, for my Mom who is still recovering from the surgery she had in
late December, and my cousin, who I found out is scheduled
for surgery in mid-March.

Today I’m Thankful For:

Let’s see, today, I’m so thankful for the weather outside.
It seems that the rain that has filled the days of the
last week has finally ceased. We’re left with cool, cloudy
days. It always makes me anticipate the Spring and (I can’t
believe that I’m about to say this…I’ll eat my words when
it’s 90 degrees outside!) that warm sunshine. There is
almost nothing in the world that makes you feel any better.

I do have to admit, I feel a little spoiled at times.
My children are learning to play classical piano and
there are times, like this morning, I am thankful
and REALLY feel spoiled by the beautiful music that fills
my home during the day as they practice. They would tell
you that they are not fond of the piano but I *LOVE* it!!

Things I am learning:

A two year can rival ANY adult with their strong will!
We had a lot of fun getting my two year old to stay in his bed
last evening. This is what the first few months are like
when you have a child transitioning from a baby bed to
a big boy bed! UGH!

My husband is the Man!! He is constantly surprising me
with the things that he can do. This morning, I’m proud
to say that the Lambert family once again has hot water (after
a day without, I have to say this is such a wonderful
convenience to have!!), and this morning when I was already
feeling great about that, then he stopped some grumbling that
had been going on for quite sometime in our home. I’m
so thankful for him.

Today, I would like to share what is on my heart:
the importance of looking to the future.

At some point, I’ll share my testimony of having met my
husband and the events that led up to that point but
it’s not for today.

Of all that I could share about those events, the one that
I want to touch on is the importance of praying for your
children and their future spouse.

When I was 13, I had someone pray over me and encourage
me to begin praying over the young man that would eventually
become my husband. How that changed my life! I began
to see myself as part of another person rather than being
like my friends who were all “going steady” and talking
about this boy and that boy. I knew that God had another
plan for me and I began to pray.

A year later, I met my husband, Paul. I like to believe
my prayer has played a big role in the beginning and even
now, in our relationship and who we are as people. I prayed
God would strengthen his faith and would be preparing
him for the life we would begin together.

It is that experience that now prods me to pray over the
people my children (if it is God’s will) one day will
marry. I try every day to pray over at least on child and their
future spouse. I try to pray over that other child just like
they were my own because, it is truth, one day they will
be my own. I want to pray strength, faith and a good foundation
be put down for them.

Job 8: 5-7

But if you will look to God
and plead with the Almighty,

if you are pure and upright,
even now he will rouse himself on your behalf
and restore you to your rightful place.

Your beginnings will seem humble,
so prosperous will your future be.

Start praying for your children and their future! You really can
change their world for the better!!

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