The Two Become One

Tracy / February 16, 2006

Today we are battling some little cold “thing”. I hate for my family to be sick! Some would think of me as a germ fanatic but I’m just a mama who can’t stand to see my little ones feeling under the weather.

We’ve actually been very fortunate to have not had any illnesses this year until now.

My praise today remains for the beautiful weather we are having here. Cool enough to remind you that it’s still winter time but warm enough so that the children can play comfortably outside. It’s really the best of both worlds.

We had an exciting night last night as we had an electrical fire on our stove top. Today’s big thank you is for my sweet husband who is working on getting us up and cooking again. Although he didn’t learn to fix these things growing up, he’s really venturing out and teaching himself to make repairs around our home. He’s a good guy and I’m very thankful for him.

Let’s see, on my continuing list of things that I’ve learned this week…

Sesame oil does not smell very good poured out over bedding. Ask me how I know.

Last evening while on the phone with my Mom, my two little boys decided to try some and I guess when they realized it wasn’t going to taste very good they just decided to play in it instead….in their bedroom!! So to add to that new found knowledge (not that I would have ever dreamed of sesame oil and bedding going together anyway….) the homemaking lesson for today is if you have not purchased water proof protectors for your pillows and other bedding, it is not that expensive (under $5 for the allergy relief/waterproof covers at Walmart), and it is well worth the investment.

We’ll just chalk this experience up to having lots of littles. These things happen and you have to learn to laugh!

Today, we are continuing to work on our home and I’m going to have to make time to get some sewing done. I’ll post pictures when I have a chance.

Speaking above of my husband, I wanted to share a little about what the Lord has been showing me about marriage. (This will have to be short today as I just heard one of my children from the other room tell someone else that they were a “bad apple”. Where do they get this stuff???)

There is much said about the Biblical relationship that a husband and wife are supposed to have. There are those who take it very much out of context and use it as an excuse for abuse or misbehavior. There are also those who not understanding their gender roles (Beware! We are about to venture into a topic that definitely is not politically correct.), are annoyed with the concept of being a submissive wife and feel that they must not hold the same importance in a marriage to have been put “under” a husband’s authority.

Let me assure you, this is not something that I grew up knowing, or anything that just clicked for me. It is information and understanding that the Lord has revealed to me as I have studied His Word.

Marriage is meant to protect women. The Lord gave us emotions and compassion and all the things that make us feminine so that we could be wives and mothers and so that we could feed the hungry and clothe the needy. For this same reason, sometimes our emotions cloud our view and we can’t clearly see things for what they are. I know, if you are a woman, you have an appreciation for this. There are those days when you just cry for no reason.

What the Lord has shown me about this is the following: when Paul feels strongly about something and makes a decision, I might not agree, but ultimately it is his decision. I really have to weigh out why it is that we might not be in agreement and sometimes it is because my views are clouded in a way that might make it difficult for me to see the situation clearly. In contrast, if I trust that the Lord will speak to my hubby, I can just put my faith in that, not worry and be glad that I’m not the one who will be ultimately responsible!! : )

These scriptures are not meant to make us feel inferior. We as women need to learn to rejoice in the things that make us feminine. Next time you kiss a boo-boo and wipe a little one’s tear away, thank the Lord for the feelings that you have. He has designed marriage to complete us. To make a perfectly complimentary pair with which to raise a family and change the world for Him. Together, a husband and wife make a perfect package.