Corona Virus- Quarantine, Day 7

My husband came home from Minneapolis a week ago, today.

By this point, I had purchased our groceries and was buckling my seat for what I thought the week might bring.

I can’t believe it has been a week.

We’ve taken classes, played games, and eaten almost every meal together around our table.

My younger children have suntans from the time we have spent in the sun.

It’s actually been a good week and I have loved the time with all of them.

I know the situation isn’t ideal, but that is a positive.

Today, awoke for the day not feeling well. By 9am, I was running a low-grade temp. At this moment, there is some coughing, and a headache. I’ve slept for most of the day. I don’t have anything horrible going on, it’s more uncomfortable.

I’m hearing Paul coughing off and on. I’m also hearing 3 of the children who sound congested. I guess we will see where this week leads.

I love my family. They are all such a precious blessing.

    Our meals today-

B- Poptarts! (I never give my children poptarts for breakfast, but we had these and honestly, they were delicious!)
L- P, B &J (I had a cup of chicken broth.)
D- Baked Ziti from the freezer, salad and garlic bread (still trying to use that salad, bread from the freezer)

Tomorrow, I need to go through the freezer and make a plan for next week.

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