Corona Virus- Quarantine, Day 5

Today’s menu:

Breakfast- Grits and a mandarin orange (thankful for fresh fruit in the house!)
Lunch- Leftover fajitas (These turned out pretty great! I wasn’t sure since they already had sour cream on them.)
Dinner– Taco Salad (I’m trying to use up the salad greens we have in the fridge. This was a pretty great way to make good use of some perishable foods we’ve had sitting around.)

The world has changed and yet, nothing is a surprise to God.

Paul and I are considering what actions we need to take to get owww.linesfromthevine.comur yard working for us again. Goats? More chickens? Definitely, a garden.

I’m also needing to replace the rocker on my canner. I have no idea why my little boys LOVE playing with the weights and rocker. I hope I can find a replacement. Of course, then there is a matter of what I would can in the short term. We can’t seem to find bulk bags of beans anywhere. That is what I’m normally canning during this time of year. I could still can the broth I have been making. We’ve been storing it in the freezer.

I was able to give my teen boys a haircut today. I’ve been doing this for many years, and there is probably no telling how much money it has saved our family.

This morning, one of the boys told me thank you for always cutting his hair. He said he knows he has probably always taken it for granted, but he’s sure glad to have it done. <3

He has a sweet, sweet heart.



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